How to Look Like a Girl if You Have to Wear a Pair of Black Pants

How to Look Like a Girl if You Have to Wear a Pair of Black Pants

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A lot of us would kill for a pair of black pants, but not Pharrell Williams. As one of the hottest stars in the music industry, he’s probably been able to find plenty of his favorite clothing at his local JC Penney. But when a pair of pants that would be perfect in them, he just can’t afford. So he was forced to rely on items from his favorite designer, designers like Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, and the ubiquitous designer that sells only black pants—Vasco – for his comfort and style.

I had a chance to visit Pharrell in Los Angeles after he had just filmed the music video for his song “Happy.” Pharrell is definitely comfortable in any ensemble he wears. However, if you are a guy like I am, you’d probably prefer to look like a girl. So I would like to give you the best tips from Pharrell’s perspective on how to dress in a way that is acceptable for a male celebrity. You know, how to look like a girl if you have to wear a pair of black pants.

1. Wear Jeans

You would be surprised how much jeans are actually popular among men! They are considered the pants of the male industry. This is why Pharrell is always seen looking fashionable, wearing some sort of skinny jeans with a suit in his closet. If you know anything about fashion, you’d know that a pair of jeans is one of your best options when it comes to styling your hair and making sure you’ll always look good. But the question is, how can I combine jeans with a suit but still look classy? Well, for men, you can still wear a pair of good jeans and look sophisticated.

This is why every man out there who wears a suit should never forget to pair them with a pair of good quality jeans. Your pants should look like skinny jeans. Well, they should look like jeans from any angle. And the best part is that they don’t have to be super skinny pants, and can be made with a variety of fits and widths.

2. Go with Red or Black

Black is your best bet when it comes to styling a suit. It is the most versatile color to work with. And it is definitely not the most masculine color to wear. But in this kind of an article, I

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