The Most Shocking News to Come Out of the Super Bowl

The Most Shocking News to Come Out of the Super Bowl

It’s officially over: Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen confirm they’ve finalized divorce papers, and it’s official. According to sources, the couple plan to split on January 17th. (You can read more about the divorce in the source article below.)

This was certainly the most shocking news that came out of the Super Bowl last night. As Brady kept celebrating for the Patriots, Bündchen walked into the Green Room and grabbed his coat. She then headed back to the party as Brady continued to celebrate. It’s unclear when Brady returned to the party, but he made his exit shortly after 10:00 pm; it looks like he left the ballroom alone.

This is probably the most shocking news to come out of the Super Bowl, though Brady’s history of leaving parties around 1:00 am makes it a bit hard to believe the divorce is complete. That being said, you would think someone as talented as Brady would get tired of people asking to dance with him, or being made to jump through hoops to meet him, and the divorce makes perfect sense.

Brady’s been in the public eye since 1998 when he was named NFL MVP, and it’s clear that Bündchen’s been his most influential agent in recent years. It’s also clear that the couple were incredibly close throughout their marriage, often spending entire nights together sleeping in the same bed. The divorce is a tough one for Bündchen – she’ll be released from their $100 million per year contract after the season, and she’ll be able to live a very low-key life for the rest of her life. It’s impossible to imagine that she’ll be able to maintain the high-profile lifestyle she’s been building since she got there. I don’t think this is a bad thing for Brady – he’s still the face of the Patriots, and Bündchen’s a strong person. She’ll get a good amount of money for her share of the fortune, but she’ll still have control over what she does with her career.

In the end, divorce is always a very personal matter, and one that’s difficult to explain to outsiders. It’s important to acknowledge that divorce is a complicated process, and we should hope for the best.

This is a pretty big deal… I’m a huge Brady fan and think he’s a great player. However

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