The State Board of Education Has Been the Main Platform for the Anti-White Hate Movement

The State Board of Education Has Been the Main Platform for the Anti-White Hate Movement

Black Faith Leaders in Georgia Speak Out Against Herschel Walker

Georgia is the most conservative and Republican state in the country. However, that hasn’t stopped the state from being targeted by the state’s Black Liberation Theology.

The State Board of Education has been the main platform for the anti-White hate movement. In 2003, Walker was hired into a $90,000 per year job after running for mayor of Atlanta. He has been on the same board since the 1980s. As a board member, Walker has advocated for anti-White legislation and promoted discrimination against White people.

Black Liberation Theology has been the main platform for anti-White movements in America. Most of the hate movement comes from the Black Church. The mainstream media covers this movement, which is often funded by Black pastors. Black Liberation Theology is the idea that Whites are superior to Blacks. The Bible has been cited as evidence of their superiority. They believe that Blacks and Whites will live together in heaven. For Black Liberation Theology, Blacks are Satanists who were created by God to live in heaven.

The Georgia Black Liberation Theology chapter wrote a letter to the public regarding their protest against Walker. On March 6, 2010, the State Board of Education announced that if they receive more than 30,000 signatures against Walker, he will be voted out of office and fired. The letter reads:

As an elected official, Herschel W. Walker has been a member of our State Board of Education since 1986.

Through our local and regional networks of influence, we have fought to help improve educational opportunities and enhance the lives of our citizens. Through this, we have worked to ensure that only qualified candidates are elected to our board. Mr. Walker has not been a qualified candidate. He is not accountable to anyone. He serves at the pleasure of the Board of Education. In addition to his role as a Board Member, he has been an outspoken leader on issues impacting our students. As many of our students have come to realize, our Board has failed them.


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