Swift’s ‘Midnight’ is a sequel to ‘Friends’

Swift's 'Midnight' is a sequel to 'Friends'

You can thank this arthouse film for uniting Swift and Antonoff on ‘Midnights’ after their contentious on-record clash in the ‘A-Team’ reboot.

The former star of ‘Friends’ has called “the most boring person in the movie business” Antonoff and admitted he tried to stop her from leaving.

“I tried to convince her — she’s my best friend — to stay,” Swift told Page Six.

“She’s not a quitter. She was really upset. I thought for the first couple of days she might have been in tears in her trailer.

“She’s very emotional. And you have to understand — we’re in the film business, we get to create the movies we want to. So it’s about what’s in our hearts. There’s nothing to negotiate from. It’s a given.”

Swift explained the final scene of ‘Midnight’ was shot without her in the lead role.

“It was a very fun moment for me,” she said. “I loved it — I had a wonderful time.”

“Midnight” was penned by Antonoff and Stephen King, who has previously penned the scripts for ‘Wyld Stallyns’ and ‘Carrie,’ and was directed by Peter Berg and based on a story by King.

‘Midnight’ hits US and UK cinemas on Wednesday, November 26.

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