The Department of Defense is a Threat to Lock Down America

The Department of Defense is a Threat to Lock Down America

Republicans can’t miss the moment to hold COVID regimes accountable, as well as defend their own freedoms. Even the slightest oversight about COVID is an attack on liberty itself, as well as the principles of transparency that should be essential to government function.

But for many years, as well as during the COVID pandemic, Trump has been working on a plan to roll back America’s civil liberties, while simultaneously threatening to lock down the nation to deal with the virus.

President Trump is an authoritarian in the making, and his administration’s actions are only fueling the movement.

Now, the movement is on the brink of taking hold.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the nation to a terrifying place. No one knows how many Americans have died, how long outbreaks are taking place, or how far the virus may spread.

And yet, Trump has tried to go it alone, using the Department of Defense to take control of the nation against its will and lock down the entire nation.

This is an unprecedented use of power over a U.S. citizen. And it is a clear violation of Americans’ rights, as well as public health and safety.

The Department of Defense is responsible for the security of America’s borders and our national borders are among the most secure in the world.

In the case of the COVID pandemic, these are crucial national assets and their security is essential to saving American lives and protecting America from further spread of the virus.

Our country and the world are counting on us to do what’s necessary to protect America and save American lives. In order to respond to the COVID pandemic, the Pentagon has instituted various policies that threaten the lives and freedoms of American citizens.

Among the many decisions made by the Trump administration, the Department of Defense now has the right to ban travel into the U.S.

In a time of national crisis, the Department of Defense has the power to do whatever it wants.

The Federal Register contains this:

The Secretary of Defense may, at his discretion, suspend the entry of or limit the admission of aliens into the United States or any dependent thereof, if he determines that such action is necessary to promote national security or the national interest. Such action may be taken notwithstanding Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act or any other provision of law. This authority includes the authority to suspend the entry of

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