Ghosts in the Comedy Store

Ghosts in the Comedy Store

The Comedy Store is rumored to be haunted. So we went ghost hunting with the pros.

In October of 2012, the Comedy Store in Hollywood, California, closed its doors after decades of existence. In a statement, the facility’s owners, Viacom and 21st Century Fox, said it planned to close the store because of “significant financial challenges.” Shortly after the news became public, more than one rumor swirled about the Comedy Store’s ghost.

According to CBS LA, a paranormal investigator and comedian named Michael Chabon wrote a post for his blog in which he claimed to have encountered an apparition in the Comedy Store’s store room.

“I experienced a strange presence in the dressing room behind us (it was a dressing room as I had on tighty whitey white clothes), and I turned around and saw this girl sitting in the chair facing the door, staring straight on with a dead stare. I thought I was imagining things until she spoke. I was dumbfounded, and we exchanged a few words. I then went to change clothes and went back to my dressing room. From then on I have wondered if I wasn’t imagining it but was really in the dressing room of the Comedy Store.”

As the years went on and the Comedy Store continued its existence, other reports of ghostly sightings began trickling in from the public.

“There’s two of them in there. The first I heard when I was working in the store room before Christmas: ‘Come on. Up. Over. Let’s go on top of the building.'”

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Comedy Store is a “tourist attraction” as well. At one point, the Times said Comedy Store employees would take the public out on tours.

“The first time I stepped in the store in December, I turned around, and there, just behind me, was a ghost,” a woman named Michelle said. “A big man who had been in the closet for years. When I saw him, he seemed to come out of nowhere and begin walking towards me.”

The following year, the Times reported it had also been a ghost in the store.

“When I walked through the door, I saw a young girl staring at me,” a woman named Bethany said.

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