Biden is the best man I know to be president

Letters to the Editor: Joe Biden will be our Harry Truman — disliked in his day, vindicated by history now

It’s a new year and a new beginning. We all have the chance at being president of the world. It’s just a matter of timing. We elect an ignorant, incompetent, untalented clown as our leader.

In 2016, we can change history and make sure he does not become president again.

He will be our Harry Truman, who defeated the Nazis. He will be our Martin Luther King, who led the nonviolent movement to end segregation and the discrimination against black people.

But we need to support our current president from his home state, who has the greatest respect of anyone in the country for the most courageous of Americans and is admired for his achievements that will be remembered long after the president is gone.

Biden will be our Harry Truman, our Martin Luther King, who is not only a hero of mine, but all Americans, including the millions of blacks and Hispanics who do not see themselves as the “first Americans.”

Biden is not a perfect person. He’s not going to be the president. His party is too far to the left. He has never been an effective fundraiser. He is not a particularly charismatic candidate who leads crowds.

But he is a person of the highest character. I have known him for many years and he is the best man I know to be president, and I am 100 percent supporting him.

I have been the subject of a lot of online attacks, but I think everyone has a right to their opinion. What is clear is that he is a man of compassion, who cares about the well-being of the American people. He truly is a person of the highest character.

I am a proud Chicagoan. We have a reputation for standing up and fighting for our city. Many do not know how many people the police departments of Chicago, its suburbs and Northern California

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