Women Are Not Leading the Way

Women Are Not Leading the Way

Letters to the Editor: Nancy Pelosi shows the need for more women leading government, and not just as pundits

I’m a Democrat. A self-proclaimed Democrat, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. So, you might think that I would be delighted by a woman stepping into the lead role in the Democratic party, but instead, I feel that only confirms many of the things in which I am so strongly concerned:

We have some of the most intelligent and brilliant women in the world, but in their own special and wonderful ways, many of them fall into the category of being “women who always talk in a low voice and never say anything”, or being “Women Who Do Everything and Never Anything”, or some other category of being “Women Who Don’t Have Anything to Say.”

In any case, while I think we all wish that more women would take the plunge and take some leadership role in the community, I also feel that more women are already taking on leadership roles in the nation and in the world, and those of us who don’t take on leadership roles are in the minority.

One of the examples that I feel comes closest to this is in science and engineering. Women have contributed more to science and engineering than in any other segment within the community. In fact, if you take a look at the careers of women in the field of science, the top 10 is all female. While there are men who work in the area, women are the overwhelming majority.

When it comes to business, women have led the way, but we are not taking the lead right now, and, honestly, that’s a problem. We have the most brilliant, courageous and influential women in the world, but many of them (and we’re talking about smart women) are not doing anything. They are just standing by and watching, or are actually giving the business advice that they would not give if they were in business themselves.

There are women who are just so good at their jobs that it makes me wonder why society would hire them, when they don’t know anything about their job, and it turns out, this assumption of competence is really dangerous for society and for business. It’s a dangerous assumption because, the way I see it, if you are that good

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