Roger Federer: Is it a good thing to be married?

Roger Federer: Is it a good thing to be married?

See Roger Federer share tears and laughter with CNN

Roger Federer shared tears and laughter with CNN as he talked about his marriage, tennis and his future. Federer’s wife Mirka said she was “deeply moved” by his words. Federer spoke on CNN while wearing his No. 16 Nike golf shirt and black golf shoes. (Credit: CNN)

Roger Federer spoke with CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin on Monday, a day after her show was canceled for the remainder of the tournament. He talked to Baldwin about his marriage, his relationship with Venus Williams, the death of his close friend Andy Roddick and his relationship with fellow tennis great Lleyton Hewitt.

Q: You have been married for 13 years — is that right?

A: I’m married. Yes.

Q: Are you still dating?

A: I’m dating, yes.

Q: How does this relationship feel to you? Does it make you happy, sad, what’s it like when you’re dating?

A: No. I think of marriage as one day you have to wake up and everything will be the same as when you have sex and then two days later you’ll want to go to bed with another person, so if you’re married. It’s like that.

Q: Have you been seeing anyone since the end of the year?

A: I’ve been seeing someone for more than three years now. That person is so lucky!

Q: Let me ask you: do you enjoy your tennis and do you like competing, do you enjoy tennis? Is this your life?

A: I think it’s the way I was born, so maybe the rest was natural.

Q: You’re very good at tennis. Tell me — how do you like to have your tennis lessons, how do you like when you get good?

A: I like how the ball goes around the court and at the same time I want to be able to hit a good shot.

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