The Man Who Writes The Best Play

The Man Who Writes The Best Play

Review: Mentalist Vinny DePonto plays benevolent mind games at the Geffen Playhouse

March 04, 2013

There’s a great deal of truth in the adage, “The pen is mightier than the gun.”

When it comes to playwrights, most of us in the theater are familiar with the likes of William Shakespeare, William Shakespeare, William Shakespeare, William Shakespeare. In that glorious tradition, our very own Vinny DePonto has written a script you won’t want to miss!

The script, which took DePonto nearly three years to write, is set against the backdrop of the city of Los Angeles, California during the year 1945-46, but allusions to real-world events, characters, and events make the script so real and authentic, you’ll want to have your eyes opened.

The play is a hilarious story about a master showman named Vincent “Kojak” Katkov (played by Vinny DePonto), who begins his career as the mind-controlled, super-wonderful, super-talented, and super-powerful psychic and mind reader and sleuth known as Vincent “Kojak” Katkov, the perfect crime-fighter in a world of perfect crime-fighters. Once Vincent “Kojak” Katkov has performed his very first stunt, his powers suddenly end for the better. An impotent Vincent “Kojak” Katkov is left to try to recover from his own shortcomings and failures, and his life is left to spiral out of control.

Kojak, an Italian-American, is a charming, charming, and charming man. Vinny DePonto is the most charming man that I have ever met, and in turn, was the most charming man that I have ever met. What I mean is, when you interact with Vinny DePonto, you always come out laughing, and you always leave smiling. I mean, who could possibly have a bad time with Vinny DePonto?!

He’s a great actor, and he’ll give you that big, bubbly smile that makes people feel like they want to hug you. It’s contagious, man. And not just with Vinny’s friends and family either. He loves to talk to people. “Hey

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