The Toronto School’s Response to the Suit

The Toronto School’s Response to the Suit

A Toronto private school was sued over a student’s alleged sexual assault. The school’s name was kept secret until now.

It had been more than 10 years since the incident which took place at Toronto’s Oakridge Collegiate Institute but in 2015, a lawsuit was filed against the school.

The lawsuit claims that the incident took place on school grounds and that a student had been inappropriately touched.

The victim, who is now 24 years of age, was allegedly raped at the school when he was in Grade 11.

However, the school denied any wrongdoing and have now been revealed as a private elite school that claims to be “the world’s first, private, co-ed, co-educational school exclusively for girls.”

The lawsuit claims the private school is not only failing to protect its students’ welfare but also their privacy.

“(The school) does not screen students or faculty…to screen for emotional or mental health disorders, mental illnesses, or alcohol and drug abuse, to screen for dangerous or threatening behaviour, to screen for drug use or dangerous or threatening behaviour, or to screen for violent or dangerous behaviour,” the lawsuit claims.

The Toronto Sun broke the story in August of last year:

“(The school) failed to implement adequate preventative measures prior to the alleged sexual assault in 2006…

The school’s response to the lawsuit only came to light when the victim’s mother, Stephanie Smith, who is an English professor at the University of Toronto, took her daughter to see the school’s response to the lawsuit.

The school defended its actions by pointing out that the student was 17 years of age at the time of the event.

That is far too young to be charged with sex assault but the school also claimed that the young man is too immature to be charged at this point.


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