Tesla is at a crossroads

Tesla is at a crossroads

Column: Elon Musk takes Twitter exactly where we thought he would — into the sewer: the “noise” of Elon Musk’s tweets will go underground when the Tesla CEO posts his next big reveal.

Elon Musk has become a hero to the “alt-right” and, in the process, he has transformed Tesla into a company of controversy. Now it’s the turn of Musk to take criticism right into the middle of the road.

It seems that, after a long series of tweets about a “troubled” Tesla, Musk has posted a cryptic video on Twitter, hinting at a big reveal. In a new twist, we now have a better idea of what he’s referring to.

Elon Musk’s Tesla is in danger of self-immolation

After a number of weeks of back-and-forth with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the company appears to be at an existential point. The CEO has been firing employees on a near-daily basis, threatening to fire them without consulting them before doing so. In a bizarre move, Musk even suggested that a number of key board members be removed if the company doesn’t improve.

In short, Tesla is at a crossroads, and the CEO seems to know it. He has hinted at a number of things, including a serious price cut on Tesla’s stock, a “hard change” in the CEO succession process, and more. There is talk of a “soft” option for Elon Musk, in which he could go out quietly.

None of those hints have gone down well with Tesla shareholders or with investors that have long-term view on the auto company. This week, shares have dipped another 6 percent.

So, we have a mystery. A mystery, and a potentially serious one. Just how serious is what Musk posted on Twitter on February 6?

The CEO says he “has a ton of news” that is about to drop. At the time, the tweet read, “I am putting all

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