The Problem I Have With White Politicians

The Problem I Have With White Politicians

Granderson: Herschel Walker’s candidacy is more interesting now that Senate control is decided in Alabama. The stakes are very high for him.

He is going to have to demonstrate that he can do something that a lot of white politicians can’t do.

What is he going to have to do?

He is going to have to start the process of building a coalitions in order to win an election. I think that is the first step toward his going to Washington.

How are you going to do that?

He has to take risks in order to convince people of his candidacy. The last time we were in the legislature I didn’t think we had to run against him, but we did. We had to run against him in order to win. I think that is why he is so interested in the Senate. He is not interested in the governorship. He is not interested in the White House. This is a chance to show what kind of ideas he has that he can present to the country that people will listen to. The only problem I have with him is that he is so out of control. That is the problem I have with him.

How much control should he have?

He has to have control. But I think once he gets some of the votes he can turn things around. But I think the problem is that he is out of control.

Why is the control important?

If the control is given to one person, it can control him. However, I just think the problem is that he is more concerned with himself than the state. He is so concerned with himself. He doesn’t trust the people of the state. His self-interest gets him elected. His self-interest gets him re-elected.

This might be my last opportunity to ask you a question. I never asked you one of these, but we kind of touched on this a little bit in last season’s chat. At the

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