The Story of “Chicago P.D.”

The Story of "Chicago P.D."

On This Night, Brooke Gladstone Was One of Several Developing Stories

On this night, Brooke Gladstone’s story would begin as a developing story. It would go on to be one of the biggest stories on TV, the first-ever scripted drama, and at the heart of a mega-budgeted movie.

The plot of the pilot episode of the NBC drama “Chicago P.D.” is all over the news and the Internet.

“Chicago P.” is the story of a young lawyer, played by newcomer Brooke Gladstone, who is assigned to defend a corrupt police officer accused of killing his wife while on duty. He falls in love with his lawyer’s wife, played by Jane Elliot. The wife is also the mistress of the corrupt police officer, played by Anthony LaPaglia. The wife becomes a character in the story.

“Chicago P.D.” took over six months to shoot and was an expensive pilot for NBC, with a budget of $3.5 million — far more than many other pilots are given to series. But the pilot was a critical success, and the series went on to become one of the most-watched dramas on air. “Chicago P.” was a hit with critics and fans of the show; it garnered nine Primetime Emmy Awards, four Critics’ Choice Television Awards and the show earned a record-breaking 14 People’s Choice Awards. It was the first drama among cable net TV, but was still far superior in quality to other TV shows in its genre.

The show was a phenomenon for so long because of a series of events that played out on this night, a night that had a lasting impact on our world. The Chicago P.D. pilot marked the beginning of a long and complex relationship between Brooke Gladstone and Anthony LaPaglia.

On the June 25, 1999, episode of the NBC drama, LaPaglia and Gladstone were on a date in Chicago. The scene was taking place at a nightclub, and it was the first time that Brooke Gladstone was appearing on the show. While Jane Elliot was playing a nurse who would later become the mistress of the corrupt police officer, Gladstone was playing a lawyer working for the corrupt police officer, and would later become the mother of his two children.

Later, the police officer would be convicted of crimes and would plead to his crimes, and Gladstone and LaPaglia would go on to become friends. The

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