The Best Tweets From Mr. Musk’s Twitter Troll

The Best Tweets From Mr. Musk's Twitter Troll

Meet the projection activist who just trolled Elon Musk on Twitter’s headquarters, a.k.a. the SpaceX-troll.

The tweet above is what Elon Musk tweeted at a conference called the International Astronautical Congress (IAC).

It was the first time Musk had shared his thoughts on space exploration while sitting in a ballroom, but his words on Twitter didn’t go unnoticed by a Twitter activist.

For the next few days, that activist became known as “Mr. Musk’s Twitter troll.” That’s about all it took to send Musk’s thoughts on space exploration and other matters from social media into a tailspin, where many came to see that Musk is “greedy, incompetent, and dangerous.”

Now a group of space enthusiasts are trying to take the fight to Musk in an open letter on Medium. They want to “share our stories and tell the world how Tesla and SpaceX are truly under attack.”

Here are some of the best tweets from that fight.

1. Mr. Musk’s Twitter Troll Says Elon Musk Is “Greedy, Incompetent, and Dangerous”

The man behind the troll account Twitter’s space exploration hub is calling himself “Zev” and he just started harassing Tesla CEO Elon Musk. His first tweet went: “SpaceX and Tesla will continue to be a game changing player and we welcome our role in enabling their success”.

2. People are calling Mr. Musk’s tweets a “witch hunt” and a “witch hunt against Tesla”

It is said that some users and social media researchers believe that Mr. Musk’s recent tweets are a “witch hunt” against Tesla. Some reports say that Mr. Musk’s tweets have gotten more violent and aggressive, and that they are starting to affect Tesla and people who stand in their way.

In recent days, Mr. Musk made more tweets, including one that says he is not running for political office.

3. People are calling Mr. Musk’s tweets a “witch hunt”

Mr. Musk has been a controversial figure for years. Some people say that he’s a sexist and has harassed

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