The Entrepreneur Who Wins $10 Million in a California Lottery

The Entrepreneur Who Wins $10 Million in a California Lottery

He used charm, others’ personal tragedies and fake celebrity endorsements. How Christopher LaVoie cast his reality show and reeled in successful entrepreneurs.

By now, you know the story of the young entrepreneur who won $10,000,000 in a lottery ticket. He got lucky and he won a chance to get paid for creating a new kind of reality show.

There was a hitch. The entrepreneur had to first find a way to cast a reality TV show before he could get paid.

In 2012, LaVoie found the right person to cast the show in New York City. The reality star was an internet sensation. She was the “Diva of the Year” and she had over 1.4 million followers on her very popular Instagram account. She also had a book out about being an entrepreneur, having won the $10 million cash prize in a California Lottery.

All of that wasn’t enough to make LaVoie a reality TV star. LaVoie wanted to make sure the actress wasn’t using his brand “Celebrity Apprentice“ to make a quick buck. When LaVoie reached out to her to ask her to be a part of his show, he needed to come clean about his work history and personal problems.

And that’s when the Hollywood story began to come to life.

Christopher LaVoie’s Story

Christopher LaVoie was born in New Zealand in 1988 in a middle class home. He grew up with his brother and father. The LaVoie family had limited financial resources. The LaVoie family moved to New Jersey in the late 1990s to live closer to their parents.

Before LaVoie was six years old, his father died of a heart attack. LaVoie grew up without a father figure; he didn’t have any role models or role models.

He started his journey as an entrepreneur in 2003 at the age of 15. At the time, LaVoie was an entrepreneur selling his own software on the internet. He earned $10

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