Roger Federer’s retirement is “ridiculous and offensive”

Roger Federer’s retirement is “ridiculous and offensive”

World of sport reacts to Roger Federer’s retirement

Roger Federer’s retirement may have been his own idea, but his public outpouring shocked tennis fans, many of whom have been celebrating the Swiss veteran’s eight major titles since the age of 21, but they were stunned to hear he would retire after the 2020 season.

The world of sport said: “It is unfortunate he has chosen to retire from competitive tennis.”

He added: “I am confident that I will continue to represent my country and continue to represent the sport of tennis.”

“I think he should have tried to get a little longer in the game.”

“A top eight finish is not good enough. He’s got to do more.”

He added: “My career has been a remarkable journey. I’ve been able to be a success in tennis, to be able to represent the sport of tennis, but it also takes an extraordinary amount of dedication and sacrifice; the fact I’ve been able to retire with my integrity intact is a remarkable achievement for a tennis player.”

“There’s an incredible amount of respect for what he’s done, but it’s a personal decision.”

“To me, it’s a personal decision. It’s not just his decision, but it’s a decision of a lot of people who had their opinions, their hopes and their dreams.”

Meanwhile, Roger Federer’s public outburst against umpire Carlos Ramos on Wednesday night was “ridiculous and offensive”, according to Dominic Mafham.

The world of sport said: “Obviously, this has been an incredibly emotional and disappointing day. Roger is disappointed, and so are the fans, and of course, Roger as well.

“Let’s be very clear, I did not agree with what [

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