Joe Biden says the economy needs a new kind of campaign

Joe Biden says the economy needs a new kind of campaign

Biden cracks down on ‘junk fees’ in new economic focus ahead of midterms

Joe Biden, the leading contender for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, says the country needs a “new kind of campaign” for working class voters ahead of midterms.

Biden, who is a member of the Senate and has visited Iowa as part of his campaign, says the US needs to focus on “the economy, energy, health care, the environment, education, and the need to restore a sense of optimism.”

“The Democratic party in these races is facing a challenge on the left that we’re going to have to start talking about what it takes to win over these working class voters,” Biden said during an appearance at an Iowa event Friday. “We have to start talking about not just a government that works, but it has to be built on the needs and hopes and dreams and the aspirations of working people. And they haven’t felt a lot like that in the last 25 years.”

Biden says the economy is in need of major changes and that Democrats must work toward those changes in the next generation.

But he said he’s also committed to making the economy work better for the middle class in the meantime.

“Let me say this to your parents here in Iowa. I love the idea of the middle class and I’ve said I’m not a candidate for the middle class. I’m a candidate for the American worker. And in many ways, for all of us, the economy is a top of the ticket issue, and yet my economic plan, my economic agenda is designed to restore hope and the American idea — the idea that we’ve got this great country, it’s called this great nation,” Biden said.

Biden called out President Donald Trump’s “reckless and deadly” trade policies as well as his tax cut plan as “some of the most damaging decisions we have made, a set of choices that have been wrong-headed, destructive for our middle class.”

But he added: “We want to make sure that we put our kids first.”

“And we’re gonna put a lot of people to work. And you’ll see us doing that. You’ll see us doing that on jobs and rebuilding our infrastructure, rebuilding our manufacturing base, restoring small business competitiveness. We’re gonna put the American worker first. And that’s why I’m saying, I’m running for president of the United States and I’m not running for the

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