Dog Bites Are Not the Cause of Death for K-9 Officer James R. Jones

Dog Bites Are Not the Cause of Death for K-9 Officer James R. Jones

Veterinarian contradicts Sheriff’s Department account of K-9 death

A veterinary doctor says the K-9 officer of the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Office was the victim of deliberate and malicious mistreatment by his supervisor and could have died from severe injuries.

Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Tom Stultz says when a K-9 named Bear was found in a building in the 800 block of W. First St. on May 27, his injuries were consistent with dogs getting tangled in electrical cords and wires. The dog was pronounced dead at the scene, although the cause of death was never determined.

When K-9 officer James R. Jones was found injured on another floor of the same building May 18, he was in a stable and not the location where Bear was found, Stultz stated. Jones was transported to the hospital where veterinarians treated him.

“Bear had a collar and a tag and his dog tag had been taken off. Bear’s collar was also off and his dog tag was unreadable,” Stultz said.

Although veterinarians determined a “dog bite” was the cause of death for Bear while the K-9 officer was found injured on May 18, the cause of death was never determined for Officer Jones.

Jones’s case was referred to the Missouri State Medical Examiner’s office and his body was sent to the state crime lab in Columbia.

Stultz said he is unaware of the state crime lab making an official determination regarding Officer Jones’s death.

“The autopsy and the toxicology tests have been done. They are currently processing the samples to determine what caused the dog to die,” Stultz said.

The investigation remains open and a criminal investigation will be opened if any state officials disagree with Stultz’s statement.

Stultz said there is a possible criminal cause of death for Bear if the veterinarian determines his death was caused by a dog bite.

“A dog bite is a very specific, fatal injury to dogs. The bite is not accidental or natural. It’s almost impossible to have a dog bite happen naturally and escape with

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