Andrés Iniesta has returned to Atlético Madrid after brain cancer diagnosis

Andrés Iniesta has returned to Atlético Madrid after brain cancer diagnosis

Atlético Madrid midfielder’s comeback from brain cancer and mother’s paralysis sets up reunion of old foes

Ahead of Spain’s World Cup showdown with Sweden on Saturday, Atlético Madrid midfielder Andrés Iniesta has returned to the club after making a comeback from brain cancer and mother Maribel’s paralysis.

The three-time Champions League winner was diagnosed with a tumour last week. His condition has been stable and he has started training with the team again.

Iniesta made his first appearance since his stunning display against Real Madrid on Wednesday. The 38-year-old Spaniard suffered a rare infection this week which forced him to spend 10 days in hospital in Madrid.

“First, I want to thank the medical staff and I want to send my gratitude to all my friends and family because I had them beside me,” Iniesta said after training.

“There is nothing that can be done to be right with the family and the club. I am going to try to do anything that the club tells me to do and work in this condition.

“I can’t wait any longer. Now it’s more important than ever. I need to fight. I need to recover as much as I can and then come back better.”

Iniesta had surgery in April to have his tumor excised and in June he had another operation to remove the tumour.

In Spain, a cancer diagnosis can be received at any age

Iniesta is now undergoing chemotherapy at the Hospital de Cuenca in Madrid and in Germany, where he underwent his first operation, he underwent several more. In Germany he also had another operation on the same tumour.

However, the treatment was successful in reducing the size of Iniesta’s tumour.

When his family arrived in Madrid on Monday to support their sick and injured relative, they found his beloved dog, Kiko, in a pet carrier.

Andrés was so focused on Kiko in the car that he forgot to kiss his mother. He had been travelling back from Germany

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