Jim Costa Returns to Congress

Jim Costa Returns to Congress

Abcarian: That foul stench out of Santa Monica? A local weekly spreading malicious lies about Paul Pelosi. The media loves to bash the Democratic congressman. But his real crime is running for re-election to the House of Representatives of the people he voted to destroy. What exactly is he supposed to do for the people? No, this is not a real article. He is just the latest member of Congress to be demonized by his former constituents after his election. It reminds me of a scene from the movie Enemy Under the Wall in the late 1990s:

I am not a big fan of the movie Enemy Under the Wall, but it made an important point to me: The members of Congress elected by their constituents are not there to serve the people; they are there to serve the interests of their campaign contributors. They are there to support the candidates they wish to have running against them at the polls, whether Democrat or Republican. The people they have so carefully educated against their will and whom they have so ruthlessly removed from office are only there to prop up the system they hate.

This is why you cannot have a conversation with a member of Congress in which you ask him to “do” anything for his constituents. They are only there to promote their interests and they will say or do anything to advance them. They are not there to serve the American people.

The Media, the Political Establishment and Their Friends in Congress

At the time of writing, the media is still reporting on Paul Pelosi’s “foul stench” comment. This is the same comment that was “caught on tape” by a staffer for his opponent and former congressman Jim Costa. The comment can be heard here:

On Tuesday morning, Costa released a brief statement with his supporters. “We welcome today’s news that we’ll be returning the Democratic Caucus to San Francisco”, he stated. “It’s important we all understand that the DNC is in charge of the caucus and it has no role in the nomination process as we have known it.

“We’re all still in the fight. Jim Costa will continue fighting for the people he came here to serve. All of us have to continue to fight for the people we served.”

The statement goes on to state that Costa is running a new campaign to bring back “the party we all know and love.” Costa added:

We will come together to tell the

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